Our New Shelter

  • Designed for future needs
  • Spacious parking area Better  suited  for  today’s  animal  population
  • Updated technology that fosters good health
  • Two get acquainted suites
  • Separate entrance for admission of stray & relinquished pets Two separate isolations each for dogs and cats
  • A puppy room with a play area
  • Separate entrance for admission of pets
  • Community room for education, training, etc.
  • Plans include 10 year possible expansion
  • Fenced, secure area for Humane Officer and Dog Warden State-of-the-art HVAC system to promo animal health


Be a part of our new animal shelter by purchasing a personalized brick. Click here to download the form

Click here for Our Brochure

Click here for the Pledge Form

Click here for the Case Statement


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3 Responses to Our New Shelter

  1. Kate says:

    Just curious is there an estimate date for this? I’m so excited about it! I get so sad about the humane society and wish I could help, but I’m not able to find a job right now and really low on funds. I am so looking forward to this happy new temporary home for the pets!

    • ICHS says:

      Hopefully late 2012 or early 2013! We cant wait! Thanks and keep checking back. We are always looking for volunteers if you are interested.

  2. Nikole says:

    I agree with Kate! I am super excited for you guys and pets! I can’t wait until you are open! It’s closer to where I live and I take my dog (that of course i adopted from you guys) back and visit with the staff! Which I am gettting ready to do today. I really hope i can come visit once your open and take a tour of the place since I missed the open invite back in November! Can’t wait to see the new place once everyone and every pet is settled in!

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